Karina's phone

Ever snooped through your lover’s phone? Karina’s got nothing to hide. She lives her life like an open book. Snoop through her phone guilt-free!



Text Messages


Hi hi hi

Sup sugar tits

Nuffin muffin. Waiting for a cattle call audition for the role of “Hot Chick”.

Ah, your Hollywood dreams finally coming true.

One degrading role at a time. So tell me about your date with Pat.

He came on my face.

WHAT?! Talk about degrading…

Would it be weird if I asked him to do it?

No. It would be AWESOME! Are you into that?

Meh. I mostly just wanted to try it. It stung my eyes a little.

Yeah some semen is really acidic. Especially Luke’s!

Haha. It was still a fun night. He tied me up and poured hot wax on me since that goth guy from Tinder wouldn’t.

Get it girl! You freaky.


Wanna come over and watch Orange Is The New Black with Stefan and I tomorrow?


Sweet! I’m gonna make vampire blood cupcakes.

I don’t know what that is but I’ll gladly stuff it in my mouth

You’ve said that a lot in your life huh?

I live my life like improv… I always say yes

That’s why we besties yo


Luke's phone

What would Karina find in Luke’s phone if she snooped? Look through his voicemails, photos and texts!



Text Messages


I miss your big cock.

You know very well it’s medium sized.

Babe I’m trying to sext you. Play along.

Ok. I miss your tight pussy.

Well now I’m wondering if you’re just SAYING that…

Mediumly tight.


I’m just kidding! I love you. You have the tightest pussy in town.

You’ve been inside every girl in town then?

Yep. You’re dating one hot stud.

Mmmm. Yeah I am (princess emoji)

Can you do that thing again tonight…? That I liked.

You mean stick a finger in your butt?


I’ll stick two in this time.

Not quite ready for that. Let’s go slow.

We fucked 5 times on our 1st date. Why start taking things slow now? Lol

🤓 True.

I love you

😍 I love you too

I’m gonna rock your world tonight

Last time you did that the bed ended up on the other side of the room


I had a lot of caffeine that day

See you tonight babe! I’m meeting Hannah and Stefan at Sqirl for brunch.

Ok. Have fun my love.