Lindsey Shaw

An aspiring actress with a long dating history. She’s confident and outgoing. She adores her boyfriend Luke who she just moved in with and hopes they can get closer by sharing more about their past.

Age: 23                                   Sign: Aries                           Favorite Movie: Rules Of Attraction



Mike Bailey

A former geek turned Silverlake creative who works in many modalities, yet may not be as open-minded as he considers himself. He’s smitten with his girlfriend Karina and enjoys having their “don’t talk about their romantic past” rule.

Age: 24                                    Sign: Taurus                        Favorite Movie: Requiem For A Dream



Nina Ljeti

A bit on the gothy side, she likes the souls of her men like her coffee. Like Karina, she doesn't define her sexuality by any typical means and is single and ready to mingle.  Hannah lives with Stefan and has been friends with Karina since college.

Age: 23                                        Sign: Libra                         Favorite Movie: Heathers



Pano Tsaklas

Hannah and Karina’s gay best friend who offers his honesty and openness. He’s wary of Karina pushing Luke to forget their rule but supports her in being who she is.

Age: 22                                        Sign: Gemini                     Favorite Movie: Lost In Translation